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  • Wednesday, October 25, 2006


    Calming the Phantom Stranger

    Some of my recent posts seem a tad shrill about my stats. I'm calmer now. I think I went though a kind of personal equivalent to moral panic. However, I am still adding to my blogroll by visiting new blogs and reviewing their content. It's a pleasant occupation with the benefit of learning more about the blogging landscape. I'm also coming across a fair number of defunct blogs. Some of these are still referenced on numerous blogrolls.

    My criteria for adding blogs/sites? The parameters are pretty loose: I have to like the content and they need to have new posts on a regular basis. There's no particular focus although most seem to be political, feminist, or personal opinion blogs/sites. Politically, I'm not so keen on listing conservative sites so I'm keeping mostly to the liberal/ progressive/ radical end of the scale. So, despite the fact that Andrew Sullivan is the kind of conservative who's views I have some respect for, I'm not listing his blog. Of course, my decisions are made on a case by case basis, so I wouldn't be surprised if I made some exceptions.

    It should be no surprise that I'm mostly mining the blogrolls of my fave blogs for likely suspects to add. Major sources in the endeavour: Pam's House Blend, Big Brass Blog, Feministing, mediagirl, and Shakespeare's Sister. Also no surprise: these are predominantly blogs belonging to women.

    Eventually I may divide the blogroll up into sections but I'm just adding them on the list for the moment.

    I've been doing some modifications to my BlogRolling account to alter the presentation of the list but it's acting kind of funky. I wanted to add the word "new" after the newer additions but it's adding it in a incomprehensible pattern. Some of the links it's adding the word after have been on my BlogRolling list for a very long time. I'm puzzled but it's really a rather minor concern.

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