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  • Friday, October 20, 2006


    Friday Random 10 Songs: Bread and Roses Edition

    A Friday random 10 songs off my Jukebox. And, no, I don't know why three different groups showed up twice on the list since I supposedly have 9,526 songs. I suspect a flaw in the "randomizer" which is making it not entirely random. Perhaps it tries to create a theme of particular artists or something. Or perhaps coincidence is loose in the universe and found a home in my computer. If you're curious about what I mean by "Bread and Roses Edition," follow the link and learn something new. It's fun!
    1. Everybody's Crying Mercy by Elvis Costello
    2. Mandocello by Cheap Trick
    3. Your Funeral, My Trial by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
    4. Love Me by Love and Rockets
    5. I Can't Hold On by Squeeze
    6. Happy by Nils Lofgren
    7. Sweetheart Come by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
    8. Blues Won't Let Me Be by Left Hand Frank
    9. Strict Time by Elvis Costello
    10. Down on the Bay [Live] by Cheap Trick
    Bonus track: Do You Wanna Touch me (Oh Yeah) by Joan Jett

    FYI: I pick the bonus track from the five or ten tracks after the first ten so it's not really random. Joan Jett was number 15. Like you care.

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