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  • Thursday, October 19, 2006


    Casual Relations, Carnal Knowledge, and Linkage Goodness

    (Um, carnal in the more general sense, not in solely sexual terms. Just so you're straight, ah, clear about what I mean; you don't have to be straight... dammit, you know what I mean, right?)

    I realise I've neglected my duties as a good and neighborly blogger. I'm never commenting, barely reading other blogs, and generally being a self-centered bastid. My blogroll, never very extensive, is woefully out of date and undoubtedly contains dead links. I'm going to make an effort tonight to ameliorate this situation with some links and perhaps weed through my blogroll.

    I've been sadly irregular about checking my mailbox. Thus I'm almost a month behind in reading the announcement of the formation of a sister blog to Straight, Not Narrow. Straight, Not Narrow focuses on spreading a Christian message of tolerance, particularly about the LGBT communities. The new blog is Disciples From the Left. The subhead reads: "You don't have to be a right-wing Republican to be a Christian. God speaks to both sides of the aisle, but it seems that those on the right are not hearing His voice very clearly these days. Readers here will see what we're hearing Him say on the left side." I see too few Christian voices from this perspective even though I know they are out there. And I hate that I let the vociferous psycho-"Christians" of the far "right" negatively affect my opinion of Christians in general, despite my knowing better. (I'm religious in a non-Judeo-Christian tradition.)

    Have I mentioned WhiteHouseHypocrisy? This blogger has a knack for creating poster-ish pictures with slogans and images. Some are really very funny. Forgive me but I'm reproducing one here. I love the "vote for exorcism." You should visit the blog because there are lots of others. He often creates variations on the same basic graphic with differing words and such. It's a little weird because comments are completely disabled, there's no history/archive links, no blogroll. Very plain and utilitarian. Compared to most of the blogs I see, it's very stark despite the graphic content in most of the posts. [Edit: My dialup connection strikes again. The sidebar and extensive blogroll is there and the blogger is male.]

    OK, I'm going to stop now. Perhaps more tomorrow.

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