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  • Friday, September 22, 2006


    Fantasy and Reality, Self-Image and Self-Indulgence

    A blog is a strange refraction of ourselves. It's a constructed personality, a segment of our interests. I doubt most people are completely represented by their blog entries and conversations. This is both a strength and weakness. At every juncture, I ask myself "Is this a topic for this blog?"

    DemiOrator contains a fairly specific segment of my interests. It contains information and things I find interesting and think deserve a wider circulation. As time has gone on, I've relied less and less on cues from fellow bloggers as to what I showcase here. Again, this has pluses and minuses. As a minus, I feel removed and distanced from the community of bloggers. As a plus, I don't think my topics are typically part of the "echo effect" common in many of the blogs I like, where a news item or subject propagates through the blogosphere, creating a chorus where it's difficult to pick out specific voices.

    Part of the blogging experience for me is the disconnection between what I think I'm projecting and creating in DemiOrator and what my hit counter statistics tell me about my newest visitors. I have a basic hit counter that only shows the last 100 visits. This is fine because I still get well below that number per day. Searches leading to DemiOrator always provide me with puzzling material so I'm going to list a few that consistently show up. I'm going to link the searches with the term and also link to the post found on DemiOrator. This is pure self-indulgence on my part but, as the saying goes, it's my blog and I'll be boring if I want to.
    So the image that could be built up about me, based on the popular searches, is that I'm a misanthropic Catholic activist in the military with a penchant for hitting women into unconsciousness during sex. (I've mentioned previously that "Catholic statistics" is also a popular search.) Is it any wonder that this disturbs me?

    I am Jack's schizophenic alter-ego. Fear me, worship me, forget me.

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