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  • Monday, September 18, 2006


    The Selling of the United States

    In the process of "privatizing" segments of our national and local governments, we are dismantling property and rights formerly held as public commons for the public good. Often, these government properties are sold at prices well below fair market value. The connection is clear to me: Who gets to buy these items and rights? Those who have the money to get them, usually corporations and very rich people. Do the large mass of people in the US see a benefit from these sales? I don't think so.

    Arguments are made that the government uses the money to finance parts of itself rather than raising taxes. Do the average person's taxes go down? No. Tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations that already benefit from these sales? Yes.

    Capital and property which have accumulated to the government over generations and decades and centuries is being sold at a loss. These have been held, not just to enrich the government, but as a public trust. They are held for the benefit of all the people of the US. Instead, they are quickly being sold to the corporations.

    I believe we are seeing our common heritage and property sold only to enrich the already rich. I call that mismanagment. I call that plutocracy. I call that a form of enclosure.

    Our future is being sold. Hell, our present is being sold. Soon I expect to see a resurgence of indentured servitude, a contractually limited form of slavery. Watch for it.

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