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  • Wednesday, July 20, 2005


    Some Men are Assholes

    Tsk, tsk. Sometimes I despair of men, both in general and in particular. Despite nominally being one myself, I have to say men suck... and not in the good way. And yes, I'm generalizing. Do they all suck? Probably not. (I don't exempt myself from this condemnation.) But generally, yes.

    Bitch, Ph.D posted about a village formed of "outcast" women in Kenya and the rather nasty problems they were having with men displeased with these women's economic success. I thought it was a typical and exemplary of, well, men oppressing women. I didn't even think it a far throw from Kenya to US society. Yet some of the comments to her post missed her points by a mile. Some men were offended.

    I'm so sad. See a tear roll down my cheek. Poor oppressed men.

    Twisty has her own commentary over on I Blame the Patriarchy. Oh, and be sure to check out her cute new golden retriever puppy. Puppies make every day better. Well, except when they pee all over the house and chew everything with their pointy little puppy teeth. But pictures rarely do this so you should be safe.

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