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  • Tuesday, September 19, 2006


    Graphic: Invest in Invasion, Buy Halliburton

    Another in my series of Photoshopping experiments, surely a sign of my boredom. A little funny but, unfortunately, too close to the mark.

    It reminds me of someone I know who has tobacco company stocks in her stock portfolio. Why? Because they make money. And, while "ethical" and "green" investing has a certain cachet in some circles, financial conservatives will still go with the companies that have a good returns.

    The bigger question is: how do I know someone with a stock portfolio at all? Some of my family members seem to save money.

    You can always find interesting tidbits of info on patriotic war profiteer Halliburton at Halliburton Watch. Such as the finding that Halliburton's subsidary KBR served spoiled food and contaminated water to US troops in Iraq.

    And to prove how patriotic Halliburton is, they promised to get one of their employees who was wounded in Iraq the U.S. Defense of Freedom medal. Well, as long as the employee would sign a document releasing them from liability. Real princes of capitalism, Halliburton.

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