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  • Monday, July 31, 2006


    Will Geek for Words, Part 12: O Words, Oh, Words!

    Being part the 12th of an irregular series of selections from the Word Lover’s Dictionary: Unusual, Obscure, and Preposterous Words by Josefa Heifetz (New York: Carol Publishing, 1974, 1994, ISBN: 0806517204). For beginning entries in this series, please see Part 1 and Part 2. If you want to find all posts in the series, search on the title "Will Geek for Words" on this site. Eventually I add them to the sidebar listing. Part 12 encompasses the letter "O" words and their definitions. And, yes, I am using "geek" in the older carny definition of a sideshow actor who typically bit the heads off chickens at the culmination of his act. I love words in a very, very special way. Don't I have a charming and sophisticated way of showing it? (No chickens were harmed in the assembly of this post.)

    No kickbacks are involved and this is not a promotional stunt. I am not paid to plug this book yet here I am, mentioning it at the top of each of these posts and linking to the Amazon page for it. I am still half-expecting and awaiting a "cease and desist" letter from their lawyers. As the saying goes: So sue me. I'm sure it's "fair use" to include excerpted selections in a non-commercial venture. Did I mention that I'm poor? I seem to have avoided such action so far. Perhaps I will reach the end without incident.

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