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  • Saturday, June 10, 2006


    Google Trends

    A new Google tool caught my eye. I'm not really sure how useful it is but it has potential. Google Trends will take a subject you give it and tell you the history of Google searches on that subject in graph form. If there are news stories which impact the searches, it will correlate the appearance of these stories with the subject searches.

    Just as an example, try looking at this search on "gaelic". Note that you can see spikes in searches coinciding with some of the news stories. It also lists which cities searched the most on the term. Kinda cool.

    This is a tool still under development at Google so there are limitations.

    Oh, you're wondering what the picture has to do with this? Nothing. It's on the cover of a vinyl record I'm recording at the moment: Alexis Korner, Bootleg Him! I believe the art is by Roger Dean who did quite a few record covers in the seventies. I would guess he's best known for some covers for the rock group Yes. I just liked the image.

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