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  • Friday, May 12, 2006


    Straight, Not Narrow

    Usually, I prepare to ignore e-mail requests for link exchanges. My experience has taught me these are generally spammish in origin. So I was suprised when I checked out Straight, Not Narrow. The subhead reads: "Advocating for GLBT equality in the church and politics. This site has been viewed by open-minded people with open hearts in 79 nations on 6 continents! I belong to the Washington, DC chapter of PFLAG and Equality Maryland."

    He seems like a sincere sort and I think the message of Christian acceptance of lesbians and gays is not heard enough. I know that plenty of folks like this blogger are out there but (big surprise) the "liberal" media rarely mentions them. The scary hellfire and damnation people get much more press. Like blood, hate often seems lead in the news.

    So check it out.

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