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  • Saturday, June 03, 2006


    MoveOn and Their Top Three Priorities

    I get the emails but I admit I don't participate much with the organization. They recently polled members about what three subjects/goals should be their priorities. Below is part of the result.
    Dear MoveOn member,

    The results are in. We're proud to announce the MoveOn member choice for our new, positive agenda:

    • Health care for all
    • Energy independence through clean, renewable sources
    • Democracy restored

    These three goals were nominated, debated, and overwhelmingly selected by more than 100,000 people in local house parties and then online. Most groups would say this is a far too risky way to make such a big decision. But it's this grassroots consensus that makes this agenda different—and powerful.

    So what's next? This month, we'll launch a major campaign for a clean energy future, starting by breaking the vise-grip of big oil in Washington with our "Oil Free Congress" initiative. Expect hundreds of local events, advertising, national media attention and accountability at the ballot box—and that's just for the first of our 3 new goals.

    Of course, we won't let up in our work to end the war in Iraq, and we'll still respond to immediate threats in Congress. But our new agenda will focus our long-term work, offer voters a positive, inspiring reason to support progressives on Election Day, and push Democrats to think big and fight hard.

    Let's be clear: we've chosen big goals here, and seeing them through won't be easy. There are powerful interests who prefer things the way they are, and we'll never match them in sheer dollars or backroom deals.

    Our strength lies where it always has: the voice, energy, and creativity of 3 million MoveOn members. If we're going to make health care a right, power America with clean energy, and restore our democracy, we're going to need as many likeminded folks on board as we can get. So today, we're turning to you to help build the team.

    Can you think of some folks you know who care about these issues and are ready to roll up their sleeves—or even just get their feet wet? You can send them a quick note and invite them to join MoveOn through a simple online form, or just forward this note and ask them to click:

    When the polls closed last night at 11:59, "Health care for all" and "Energy Independence: clean, renewable sources" were the clear winners for the first and second plank, with 82.8% of voters choosing one or both. We're proud to put these bold, inspiring goals front and center in our work to come.

    But for the final plank, things got a little interesting. "Restored constitutional rights" and "verifiable, accurate elections" ended up in a virtual tie for the third slot (0.7% apart) but clearly ahead of the rest of the field.

    We took a hard look at what folks were saying about both issues, and realized that they shared a very similar purpose: guarding against anti-democratic abuses of power. When the President puts himself above the law to invade our private lives, democracy is threatened. When thousands of votes are lost or deleted and there's no way to check the results, democracy is threatened. We believe in a country where our rights are safe, and our votes always count— that's democracy restored.

    It's exciting to know how united we are—a full 96.8% of voters chose at least one of these top issues.

    We've set our eyes on a pretty big prize here, and there's a lot of hard work to do. But our history is full of stories of millions of people uniting behind a vision and fighting together 'til they've achieved the unthinkable. And heck, most of them didn't even have email.

    Let's make it happen.

    –Ben, Matt, Adam Green, Marika, Justin, Jennifer, Carrie, Rosalyn, Eli, Adam, Tom, Noah, Wes, Joan, Tanya, Natalie, Roy and Nita, the whole Political Action team

    P.S. The online vote was between the 10 most popular goals that MoveOn members generated and sent in from over 600 house parties last week. Here are all of the "MoveOn top 10" and the final vote count for each:

    Health care for all———————————————65091

    Sustainable energy independence———-61030

    Restored constitutional rights——————35675

    Guaranteed accurate elections—————-35133

    Global leadership through—————————28912

    High quality education for all———————27874

    Solutions to global warming———————-26306

    A guaranteed living wage—————————-25527

    Publicly funded elections—————————21096

    A balanced federal budget————————-20945

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