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  • Wednesday, June 08, 2005


    Bush and Blair Miss the Point

    In an interesting clip of Bush and Blair yesterday, both of them said that of course they hadn't decided to go to war at the time of the Downing Street Memo in July, 2002. Why is it absurd according to them? Because they hadn't even introduced the matter to the UN, much less had a resolution passed by the UN.

    This is the most circular argument I've ever heard. The whole point of the Memo is that the Bush administration had decided in advance on the course of action leading to war as an planned result. The point is that the action was deliberately set out, irrespective of the UN's future actions. In other words, they are saying the apparent facts of the memo/minutes are misunderstood because that would be a premeditated violation of international law as embodied in the UN process. Duh! That is the reason people are outraged!

    So we're just supposed to trust that our governments would never do anything illegal or unethical. Right. I'm not too trusting of Chimpy and Toothy.

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