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  • Monday, June 06, 2005


    Washington State Election and Court Case

    Today I am dumb. The topic this week for the Progressive Blogger Union is the Washington Gubernatorial Election Challenge Court Case. (Here's the link passed along to me: gobs of fodder at this link.) I went to the linked site, called the Pacific Northwest Portal, and was promptly overwhelmed at the information.

    I had totally forgotten about this challenge to the election results for the governor. Here's an abstract from a NY Times article from May 23, 2005:
    Dino Rossi continues his quest to unseat Gov Christine Gregoire of Washington, who beat him by 129 votes out of 2.9 million ballots cast last Nov; Republicans have sued to overturn results of election; trial will center on human and machine error in thinnest of margins: the 0.07 percent of vote that is being contested because felons or other illegal voters might have cast ballots; photos (M)
    No wonder it's being challenged; 129 votes? Hell, I'd challenge too, whether there was cause or not. For me, this isn't a partisan issue. I'm not pleased that it's a Republican doing the challenge but I think they are probably within their rights to challenge it.

    I admit pure ignorance in the matter, though; I have no idea about the validity of this action. And that's why I feel dumb. I live over on the east coast of the US and don't have a clue about the issues on the ground in Washington state. I'm not up to doing more research on the topic so I'm afraid I've failed to explicate the situation any better than before. You're on your own on this one; I am dull and slack-jawed tonight.

    This post is in accord/solidarity/conflation with PBU23, a wholly owned/disowned concept based on an idea disseminated by the Progressive Blogger Union.

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