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  • Saturday, June 04, 2005


    Jeb Bush and Under-18 Girls

    I really wanted to title this "Jeb Bush F---s Underage Girls" but I thought that was going too far... I wouldn't want to go too far. It's tacky as well and probably not literally true. I have no firsthand knowledge. He just wants to protect family values, etc. Both of the following stories are via here and here. Directly related to the Jebber is this AP story Governor signs abortion law, Doctors must notify parents of minors:
    TALLAHASSEE ยท Gov. Jeb Bush signed a bill Wednesday that requires physicians to tell parents when a minor daughter seeks an abortion.

    The law, which takes effect July 1, applies to girls 17 and younger who aren't married and don't already have children. Unless it's a medical emergency, doctors are required to notify a parent in person or by phone 48 hours before the abortion or, if that's not possible, by certified mail 72 hours in advance.

    Girls can go to a judge and seek a waiver, and a judge can grant a waiver based on a girl's level of maturity or because she has been a victim of abuse by her parents or if telling the parents is not in the girl's best interest.

    Bush signed the bill in private. In a release issued by his office, the governor said it was imperative that parents know when their children undergo any surgical procedure.

    "This not only ensures the safety of our children but also strengthens the family unit by maintaining open dialogue between parent and child," Bush said.
    Not directly related to the Jebster is another AP story from Florida:
    WEST PALM BEACH -- A woman has been charged with evidence tampering and child neglect after arranging an abortion for her 17-year-old daughter during an incest investigation.

    The girl's 40-year-old stepfather was charged Friday with familial sexual battery. The 33-year-old mother also was arrested. Both are free on $5,000 bond. The girl and her sister have been placed in state custody.
    The girl claimed that her stepfather had impregnated her late last year, and authorities say he had another sexual encounter with her in April.

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