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  • Tuesday, May 31, 2005


    Insane? Or am I TOO sane?

    Oh, I think I need to enter Adobe Illustrator Anonymous or something. In the course of an evening I cranked out about 30 graphics for the top of my blog. I admit I went a little crazy with power over fonts. Umm. And, since I was tired of the whole "Ill-Trained Rhetor" subtitle, I, um, changed the subtitle on almost all them. But the real insanity is that I've inserted code to randomly rotate all 31 graphics. It is amazingly self-indulgent. I also like to think some of them are moderately amusing as well. I particularly like "DemiOrator: Secular Satanist for Hell on Earth." It has a certain poetic ring to it. Then there's "DemiOrator: the tears of a clown with the claws of a queen."

    Is this just a ploy to get more refreshes of my blog? It didn't start out that way but that's not such a bad idea. Yeah, that's it: I'm a brilliant salesman. Now if only I can find someone to sell my soul to...

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