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  • Monday, May 30, 2005


    Memorializing War

    I often see a certain popular confusion around the meaning of our war dead and the meaning of our country's policies which lead to their deaths. The individual death of a soldier in a time of war is certainly about bravery and sacrifice for their country but the enacted policy that led to the circumstances of their death is a different matter.

    It's easy to see the problem. If the particular war itself seems to have been fought for unjust reasons, then there is a sense that this diminishes the individual sacrifice, sullies the bravery of those who fought and died. I don't think this is so.

    Soldiers fight for their country for a number of reasons but in my final analysis they fight and die to uphold the principles and honor of their country. If the war itself is based on lies or reasons incompatible with the core principles of the country, then those war dead deserve to have this corrected. To not protest unjust wars is to dishonor the dead. To make sure such sacrifice is absolutely necessary is very important.

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