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  • Monday, May 30, 2005


    The Madness of King Rev. Moon

    OK, perhaps this is just going too far but I'm thinking of delving into the Unification Church's website for quotes from Reverend Sun Myung Moon and putting them up here as an occasional post. This guy is pure gold to quote. I can practically close my eyes and pick something out and it will almost assuredly be weird and provocative. I may just have to let this minor obsession of mine play itself out. I hope I don't drive you, dear readers, away with this. Be thankful I have more than a little bit of ADD; I will undoubtedly become bored with this shortly.

    The following is from: Congratulatory Banquet, Crown of Peace Awards, Washington, D.C., December 13, 2004.

    Look at the world. Young people, now liberated from the yoke of communism, are enjoying their freedom to such an extent that they are in danger of running pell-mell off the cliff of debauchery. Instead of seeking God's ideal of creation, they embrace the perspective of selfish individualism and become slaves to free sex. This gives rise to all manner of social evils. Homosexual activists have hoisted the flag of the so-called "gay" movement. They advocate marriage between people of the same sex. Put simply, this is barbaric and it infuriates Heaven and humanity. Imagine, for a moment, the world that would result from what they advocate. Humanity would become extinct within two generations.

    Those who turn away from Heaven's will dig their own graves in the soil of decadence and immorality. The evil of this age has its own punishing consequences. The incurable disease known as AIDS is a sign of this from Heaven. Even as we sit here, is not this cursed plague infecting thousands of innocent people? Is it not casting them onto the path of death?

    Another plague, known as divorce, is destroying family values. It is throwing humanity into an unprecedented crisis. Children suddenly find themselves separated from one parent and being raised by a stepfather or stepmother. In some cases, they are even placed in foster homes and orphanages. They are not at fault, yet their tiny hearts are left with scars that will never heal. Who will compensate them for the parental love that was snatched away from them?

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