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  • Wednesday, June 01, 2005


    Screwing Women

    Via feministing I found out about Stiffed by Katha Pollitt. Nothing unusual here: federal gov. paying for Viagra for sex offenders and rapists, Medicaid paying for Viagra but not for birth control, etc. (hey, what did you think this post was about?) I also found the following interesting:
    The biggest threat to contraception, though, is the right-wing Christians who have put themselves in charge of the nation's wombs. (Viagra is pro-life, the Pill is pro-death--sperm rules!) It's not enough that they call emergency contraception--high doses of certain birth control pills, taken within seventy-two hours of intercourse--a "mini-abortion" (in fact, as I wrote last time, studies by the Population Council show that EC does not work by blocking implantation of a fertilized egg; it prevents ovulation). Now they've persuaded states to shift funds from family planning to "abortion alternatives." For the past two fiscal years and the upcoming one, Missouri has abolished state funding for family planning and boosted programs intended to encourage childbirth. More than 30,000 women who relied on state-funded birth control are now on their own--though if they get pregnant, the state will be happy to kick in some baby clothes or arrange an adoption. Likewise, the Texas legislature has just voted to divert funds from family planning to antichoice "crisis pregnancy" centers, and Minnesota is considering a similar move.

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