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  • Thursday, March 13, 2008


    Slaughtering Irish Heritage at Tara

    Squeak on the ramparts at Rath Lugh, before entering the tunnels below the proposed roadway

    As we come up on St. Patrick's Day, I'm minded to speak of the current events at Tara in Ireland.

    Tara includes "...a number of ancient monuments, and, according to tradition, was the seat of Árd Rí na hÉireann, or the High King of Ireland." Pre-Celtic monuments and structures dating back to the Neolithic period around 5,000 years ago are thick through this area. The archaeological sites are so extensive around the Hill of Tara they've never been completely mapped or examined. Currently, a major roadway is being built through the area, threatening to irrevocably destroy artifacts and structures which are without peer.

    Kathryn NicDhàna has written extensively about this recently on her blog at Pàganachd Bhandia and I really suggest you take a look at three of her recent posts which are full of excellent links to videos and support info.
    And who, you might ask, is "Squeak" in the picture above? She's an activist who is probably at the bottom of a narrow and deep tunnel near the construction area right now. If heavy equipment comes too near the tunnel it will probably collapse and kill her. That's the idea. The soil is weak. Since the current location of the roadwork is illegal, this is a tactic to keep them from proceeding. Otherwise, the contractor/construction crews will create a de facto roadway before the courts can catch up with them. That's how this kind of thing works. "Oops" they'll say, "A real shame about the destruction of that old stuff but we need a new roadway. And, hey, we've already done some damage so what's a little more? Right? Now get the fuck out of the way of Progress, you stupid gits!"

    Today Squeak D-locked herself by the neck to a jack holding up the roof of the tunnel, making it impossible to remove her without bringing down the tunnel. It kind of puts things like signing petitions of protest online into perspective. I've got the utmost respect for her. You can see a video of her down in the tunnel which is immensely inspiring and I highly recommend it.

    Never underestimate the power of activism to change society. The question is: How far are you willing to go achieve your goals?

    Listening to: "The Battle of Evermore" by Led Zeppelin

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