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  • Friday, March 28, 2008


    Random 10 Songs: "Berlin and Havana Care for Kids" Edition

    This perfect day, these random songs, proving again that my tastes are practically Antediluvian, ancient and almost decrepit by today's pop music standards. Eh? Whotcha say, sonny? M'uh hearing ain't so good these days. Comes from listening to blistering loud music leaning agin the speakers in clubs and bars. Yep, that Sinatra fella sure was a rebel with wild music, pushing the boundaries. By gum.
    1. "I Kill Children" by Dead Kennedys
    2. "Solid Air" by John Martyn
    3. "Hey Darling" by Spencer Davis Group
    4. "Reasons for Waiting" by Jethro Tull
    5. "I Don't Care (So There)" by Donnas
    6. "Leg Bells" by David Byrne
    7. "Lord of This World" by Black Sabbath
    8. "Shit Towne" by Live
    9. "Kids Hangin' Out" by Wiskey Biscuit
    10. "This Ain't Havana" by Ramones
    Bonus track: "Berlin" by Lou Reed

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