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  • Sunday, September 09, 2007


    Blogs of Interest 1

    As I was reminded when Skippy the Bush Kangaroo mentioned me in a post, part of blogging is passing on the love to other blogs. Although I just did a post scouting some other blogs, I am compelled to do it again.

    Today, we are all bloggers. Or something like that.

    Cruising through Feministing's blogroll, I rounded up the following blogs of interest: (Er, um, not cruising... uh, not like that, really. Oh, no! My recurring foot-in-mouth disease!)

    Feminista! A Journal of Feminist Construction appears to be an online journal with articles such as Who's Co-opting Feminism? by Christy Burbidge and A Challenge to the Feminist Community by Laura Kamienski.

    Feminist Law Professors is a mix of stuff, from news stories to conference announcements to letters.

    Radical Doula says "Let’s start with a list of things that I identify with which led me to use this classification: doula, pro-choice, lesbian, latina, birth activist, progressive, gender non-conformist." She posts on all these issues.

    Racialicious is a group blog concerned with stories on race and racism.

    Pseudo-Adrienne's Liberal-Feminist Bias will entertain you and drive you to tears. (Hyperbolic? Me? Never!) She has an extensive blogroll which I'm itching to explore.

    Our Bodies, Our Blog is focused on birth control and health info. From their About Us page:
    Our Bodies Ourselves (OBOS), also known as the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective (BWHBC), is a nonprofit, public interest women’s health education, advocacy, and consulting organization. Beginning in 1970 with the publication of the first edition of Our Bodies, Ourselves, OBOS has inspired the women’s health movement by:
    * Producing books that makes accurate health and medical information accessible to a broad audience by weaving women’s stories into a framework of practical, clearly written text;
    * Identifying and collaborating with exemplary individuals and organizations that provide services, generate research and policy analysis, and organize for social change;
    * Inspiring and empowering women to become engaged in the political aspects of sustaining good health for themselves and their communities.
    Dru Blood is a blog with a little of this and that, environmental concerns, personal stuff, parenting. Check her out.

    And if any of the above bloggers are unhappy with my characterizations of their blogs, I plead laziness and ADD. It's a tough world for bloggers.

    Listening to: "Must Have More" by L7

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