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  • Saturday, September 08, 2007


    Ululating Lament of the Blogroll

    I recently took a hard look at my blogroll and culled the deadwood out. Deadwood means blogs which haven't had posts for months, either on hiatus or obviously abandoned. I was embarrassed to find quite a few of these, some dead since 2006. I've obviously not being keeping up on my blog reading.

    Time to do a little exploration and begin adding some fun new links.

    The Wild Hunt is a sort of Neopagan newswire and commentary blog. "A modern Pagan perspective" is the subtitle. The reporting and links seem to be of high quality. Recommended. The blogroll on it led me to the following.

    A Heathen Blog which hasn't been updated since April 2007 but has lots of links. "The purpose of this project is to provide visibility and exposure for Heathen/Asatru perspectives. In this regard, it is meant to inform and even entertain people from all walks - from the ‘old-school’ Heathens, to those who are getting their first real look at this religious path."

    Blog o' Gnosis has long posts, thoughful and expansive.

    Letter from Hardscrabble Creek - A Pagan Writer's Blog by Chas S. Clifton ruminates on The Occult Experience, a documentary from the late 1980s here.

    That's enough for now. Go now and blog-hop in peace.

    Listening to: "I Don't Need No Doctor" by Humble Pie

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