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  • Friday, September 07, 2007


    Push Bush Back: An Illustrated Screed

    Prez. Bush:

    I hate you.

    Perhaps you know this already, with the powers assigned to many government law enforcement agencies under your watch. Then again, you might not since you seem both blissfully ignorant and viciously arrogant in your isolated White House perch.

    I thought no one could surpass the blunderful Prez. Reagan, destructor of so much in my estimation. Your lack of compassion, your obvious contempt of just about everyone, your sullen swagger, and your posse of bullies all declare your basic predatory nature.

    I've never been sure whether to blame you or the people you surround yourself with. Now I realize it's all the same: They all act in your name and their loyalty carries out atrocities.

    The wide social, economic and ecological blight you've caused and set in motion will reverberate for years. Perhaps for decades. Yet I sense your arrogance and pride see a different picture, an illusion of creating a better world (at least for the powerful elites.) Still the multitudes fall to disease, famine and bombs, victims of your administration's visions.

    I long for the day I will be able to dance. Perhaps I will dance naked in the rain on your grave. I will not be alone.

    Listening to: "Double Dare" by Bauhaus

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