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  • Friday, September 30, 2005


    Why I Never Report Windows Errors

    When some program screws up and locks up, I almost never report errors to Microsoft. Why? Because of what's happening right now.

    Photoshop locked up. Annoying enough in and of itself but I made the mistake of saying the computer could report the error to MS. The result? The program won't close, I'm shut out of doing most things with the computer, and something is being sent through my modem. I have no idea what being sent but it's been doing it for over 10 minutes. Dialup line, you see. Having my computer sending info I can't stop or check on for long periods of time makes me very nervous. If I could I would break the connection but I can't. The only thing left to try is to physically turn the computer off.

    This is why I never report Windows errors.

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