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  • Tuesday, September 27, 2005


    A Meme of Seven: Bullet Time for Bloggers

    I picked this up meme over on The Republic of T. and thought it was more my speed than the previous one I was tagged with. Light yet revealing. I also think I prefer the forward looking perspective rather than the more historical vibe I got from the last one. Fun yet with a little depth.

    Seven things I plan to do before I die

    1. Write at least one book
    2. Make this blog attractive
    3. Rip everything (I really want) from my cassettes and LPs
    4. Make a will
    5. Learn to Photoshop like a pro
    6. Run for political office (Despite my poor credit record and potty-mouth)
    7. Get a job doing things I love: writing, research, and humor

    Seven things I can do

    1. Give subcutaneous and Intramuscular injections (IVs are more iffy)
    2. Train dogs
    3. Satire and parody
    4. Write well
    5. Use MS-DOS (very valuable skill)
    6. Defy gender stereotypes
    7. Clean the house (I think I can, I think I can...)

    Seven things I can'’t do

    (Things I'’m either incapable of doing, am prohibited from doing, am not inclined to do, or can'’t do but could learn.)

    1. Drink alcohol
    2. Drive a motorcycle
    3. Speak a second language semi-fluently
    4. Be butch
    5. Have children
    6. Eliminate paper and book clutter from my living space.
    7. Play a musical instrument

    Seven things that attract me to people of the opposite (and same) sex

    (I could list countless physical qualities that get my attention, but these are the one that hold my attention.)

    1. Compassion
    2. Likes music
    3. Spirituality
    4. Humor
    5. Conviction
    6. Intellect
    7. Politics
    8. Likes animals

    Seven things I say the most

    1. "“I'll buy that for a dollar..."”
    2. "“In a tribal society..."
    3. "“Do you want to go up to bed soon?"
    4. "“I'm not a sock puppet!"”
    5. "“Do you want to go out?"
    6. "“I was watching this documentary..."
    7. "“I'm sorry."

    Seven celebrity crushes

    (Er, I'm not that superficial. OK, I am.)
    1. Vin Diesel
    2. Angelina Jolie
    3. Johnny Depp
    4. Seth Ackerman of FAIR (he's a celebrity to me!)
    5. Antonio Banderas
    6. Trent Reznor (I hear he's buffed up recently; I haven't decided if that's good or bad.)
    7. David Bowie
    (I wanted to have gender parity for the above list but found myself too uncomfortable listing most women. It seemed a little too close to objectification. However I obviously have no problem thinking of men as objects; what else are they good for? Strangely, I don't seem to have this problem with Angelina Jolie. That worries me. Then again, she seems able to take care of herself: handy with butterfly knives, does her own stunts, etc.)

    Seven crush-worthy bloggers

    (Current roster of a rotating cast. Dating availability not a consideration (may actually be a drawback.) Mostly I love their minds. Some I have no idea what they look like.)

    1. Twisty of I Blame the Patriarchy
    2. Shakespeare's Sister of Shakespeare's Sister
    3. Pam of Pam's House Blend
    4. The Dark Wraith of The Dark Wraith Forums
    5. Prof. B of Bitch. Ph.D.
    6. The Heretik of The Heretik
    7. Norbizness of Happy Furry Puppy Time with Norbizness (Just because...)

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