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  • Monday, September 26, 2005


    Global Warming Killed This Post

    [Another long and detailed post lost just as I was finishing up. My so-called UPS didn't manage to protect me from a brown-out. My computer clicked off like a light. At least there doesn't seem to be any permanent damage. What follows is an embarrassing bare-bones outline that I doubt will be ever be fleshed out.]

    Robert Freedland's excellent post titled George Bush's Wager at John Kerry for President 2008 is the sort of post I wish I'd written: lots of graphics and quotes tied together with insightful commentary.

    The National Geographic site has an article predicting that they may run out of names for hurricanes this year.

    [I give up. I don't really have the heart to finish this. I think I'll go weep inconsolably while watching Adult Swim cartoons.]

    Nota Bene: This is PBU39, a post inspired by the Progressive Blogger Union (PBU). I participate in PBU because, for me, activism is empty without community. Activism isn't just about showing up for a protest or writing a blog or signing a petition. It's about forming and forging alliances and lines of connection between people and groups. "The people united will never be defeated" isn't just a slogan to be chanted at rallies; it should be a way of life. It begins with working together toward common goals. If you want to see what other PBU members have written about the connection betwen hurricanes and global warming, you can look under the subject header "PBU39" at the PBU group at Flickr. Or you can plug PBU39 into the Technorati search engine.

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