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  • Friday, September 23, 2005


    The Lighter Side of Katrina

    Ha! Bet you didn't know there was a lighter side to destruction, death, martial law, etc. Actually there isn't.

    I've been keeping in touch with my nomadic and displaced NOLA family members through email. They were fortunate in being able to leave town before Katrina hit. Their exodus/journey has wandered all over the south and into the Midwest. My sister included the following paragraph in one of her posts:
    So my mind has been whirling around... how about some prizes for categories when we get back... the most miles logged between evacuation and reentry, the most homes in the time period, the most emails, the most volume on the blogs, the furthest home, the closest home, the funniest story, the longest story, the most boring story, the weirdest thing taken during evacuation, the most essential thing forgotten during evacuation. Any other categories??
    I think this is a pretty funny idea. Perhaps an American Idol style competition could be organized. I admit I'm stymied on adding other categories. Suggestions?

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