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  • Saturday, September 17, 2005


    Saving Sin City Graphic

    Just another of my attempts to gain some proficiency with Photoshop. It would be nice if I could just throw something like this out and be proud of it but I'm far too aware of the flaws in them. I sadly lack the skills of folks who do really good parodies. The Heretik does some funny pics like this one.

    I still haven't quite mastered the blending of layers. I'm also pretty hit and miss with matching the colors between different items making up the collage. And either I'm missing something or Photoshop can't handle fonts for shit. I had to go into Illustrator to add the "starring Blackwater Mercenaries." I couldn't seem to find any anti-aliasing controls in P'shop for the text. It was blocky and mondo ugly.

    Hey, the graphic isn't showing up. WTF? *mutters and trundles off to poke at Blogger*

    Hmmph! Blogger didn't like the graphic for some reason so I put it over on flickr. I'm collecting a few of these on my account over there. Take a look.

    I did surprisingly well with the "saving" considering I only copied the "s" and drew the rest. I was going to put Condi Rice on the woman at far left but I felt too lazy to do it. Hey, I completely missed changing the "In Theatres..." line! That's ripe for something like "Coming to a Sunken City with Shock and Awe force for the forseeable future." Eh, that's a little long but you get the idea. Ta!

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