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  • Wednesday, September 14, 2005


    Another Fortean for Weirdness

    I have too many books. How can I actually say that? I love books. I suck them up the way other people buy soda. I even hold on to books I don't like. It's a disease, this bibliophilia, which afflicts me.

    So when I stumbled upon my ancient copy of Charles Fort's Lo! with it's quirky psychotronic cover art, I thought I should share it. The publication date of this edition says 1941 but to my eye the art looks more like the mid to late 1950s, perhaps even the '60s. The price of 95 cents seems a high for '41 as well. I'm not an expert, tho.

    If you have no idea who Charles Fort is or why you should care, take yourself on over to the Fortean Times site. The world is a strange place and a proper sense of mystery is necessary for my mental hygiene. Actually you might want to go to About Fortean Times which has a little bio of Mr. Fort.

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