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  • Thursday, September 29, 2005


    When Corporations Ruled the World

    I was listening to the rest of this Democracy Now show and was just stunned by the picture being painted. I commented previously on this particular show in my post Kill the Prisoners and Evict the Poor. Further into the show comes details of the private "security" groups in NOLA and the no-bid contracts for rebuilding.

    When I add the Neo-conservative plans to turn the area into a massive experiment in their privatization wet dreams into this mix, I'm left stunned at the big picture.

    All evidence of the failure of government to adequately respond to the emergency is being used as a rational for giving responsibility to corporate interests. I'm sure these same Neocons will act very surprised when these same corporations will refuse to do certain work because 1) it costs too much to be profitable, 2) it is too dangerous for their personnel and insurance, and 3) the only people the private companies want to protect are white and/or weathy.

    Social contracts? Will they hold up in a court of law? Of course not. They aren't real contracts at all. A real contract makes money. Protecting the least powerful people in our society is so... passe. Protecting the poor is so... liberal. The poor need to generate a profit just like everything else.

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