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  • Monday, June 13, 2005


    Bush Lies, Hard and Fast in the Middle of the Road

    There is some debate about whether Pres. Geo. W. Bush lies or is just uninformed. After some consideration, I would respectfully submit this opinion: he lies. A lot. Misinformed? Ignorant? Disengaged? I'm sure arguments could be made for all of these, but it seems to me he has spent the majority of his public life lying, cheating, and stealing. Let me delve a little into his liarly character.

    David Corn has written a whole book on the subject The Lies of George W. Bush. (2003, but a revised paperback edition is out.)

    Over on the Center for American Progress site, they have a nice compilation of stories from 2004 and earlier. They also have a searchable database of lies that's not as impressive.

    An interesting story from a New Zealand source in 2003 attempts to quantify and describe the various tactics Bush uses to lie. It names the techniques and has lots of examples.

    Damn, I thought I could stomach writing about this. I can't. I'd call him a weaselly liar but I hesitate to insult weasels. I actually think it would be easier to parse out the truth from his utterances than to attempt to list his lies which are myriad. You're on your own now.

    A general interest post in loose affiliation with the Progressive Blogger Union.

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