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  • Thursday, April 14, 2005


    Word of the Day: Bloviator

    Sometimes a word will suddenly seem to gain public currency. It's not that I didn't know the word bloviator. I did but I also note that it's not listed in the collegiate dictionary I keep next to my desk. OK, it's not unabridged but I find collegiate dictionaries contain 97% of the words I look up. (I tend to look up unusual words and phrases, accounting for that 3%.)

    In the last two days, I've come across four or five separate instances using bloviator in articles and opinion columns. It just seems... odd. No conclusion except that bloviator has obviously moved into the "popular" word category in some circles. For the record, here's the definition I retrieved from Web Wordnet:
    1 sense of bloviate
    Sense 1: bloviate -- (orate verbosely and windily)

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