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  • Sunday, April 10, 2005


    Bloggrrrlz Gallery

    The Bloggrrrlz Gallery is a cool site! Or, rather, it's a portal to a group of feminist blogs through The Dark Wraith Forums. Here's the explanation from Dark Wraith:
    Big Brass Blog, in association with The Dark Wraith Forums, is proud to announce The Bloggrrrlz Gallery, a portal meta-site featuring some of the best bloggrrrlz blogs on the Web. A permanent link can be found in the Dark Wraith BlogRing in the right-hand column.

    Click on the link, and you'll find yourself at a Website that has a string of bloggrrrlz blogs listed across the top. Now, you might be thinking to yourself, "Ah, this is just a list of links"; but you'd be missing the big feature. Notice that below the listings is a giant window. Watch what happens when you click on a blog link. After what happens has perhaps impressed you, click on another link; click on a third. Go through the whole list if you like.

    That's right: one site, The Bloggrrrlz Gallery, from which you can look into a portal window and see the world of feminist blogs. The Bloggrrrlz Gallery is a one-stop meta-site where you can park every day to watch the Blogosphere unfold through the words and images on the hottest, fastest-growing, most dynamic part of the Blogosphere today.

    By providing this new service, the Big Brass Blog continues its tradition of giving voice, forum, and opportunity to those who have been ignored, turned away, turned down, and set aside for too long. Perhaps one day, the extremists of the Right will have the world of violent men and cowering women they want. Perhaps one day, the fascists of religions across the world will return the wrath of their angry and false gods to those who would dare to question. And perhaps one day, the mainstream news media and the giant graffiti blogs will be able to once again decide who matters and for how long.

    We don't think so. In fact, we intend to make sure the past stays buried.

    It's one thing to talk the talk;
    it's quite another to blog the blogs.

    The Big Brass Blog most definitely blogs the blogs.
    (via Shakespeare's Sister, one of my current fave blogs.)

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