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  • Tuesday, April 12, 2005


    Sullen Oblations at Alien Altars

    Dammit, I've started another blog despite the fact that I have two others that are fallow. If you have the slightest interest in visiting these semimoribund sites, they are Invisible Books and The Devil's Dictionary Addenda.

    I've been writing crappy poetry off and on for much of my life. I do have moments of wit and the occasional gem of a phrase but for the most part I'm far too enamoured of my own words and personal mythology. I had a streak of poems a few months ago. Some seem tolerably amusing and droll. So why not air them and see if anyone else is amused? Isn't this what blogs were made for? Self-indulgent displays of vanity and spewing inchoate aphorisms suits me. Give me a break from all this sturm und drang about politics and social tidal flows.

    I was going to name it "House of Words" but that seemed a little vague. Then I remembered the title of a poem I wrote a loooong time ago and it seemed perfect. Thus I present Sullen Oblations at Alien Altars. It will be full of lighthearted froth and cute rhymes about kittens and birds of prey. Don't be afraid. Just keep telling yourself: They are only words, they are only words... nasty, horrid words with a Lovecraftian slime dripping from them, but just words.

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