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  • Monday, April 11, 2005


    Andrea Dworkin is Dead

    She apparently died quietly on April 9, 2005 at home in her own bed. There's more info on Andrea Dworkin at the Wikipedia entry. It includes the general facts of her life. However, one of the better sources on Andrea Dworkin is this site and its page called The Lie Detector. This separates the truth from some of the lies told about Ms. Dworkin. Many people who have strong opinions about her have not even read her work, a truly tragic oversight.

    I'm saddened by her death. I only recently began reading more of her work as I commented here.

    UPDATE: Since I posted this on Sun. April 10, 2005, there has still been scant news reporting of her death. While there were some posts, particularly on feminist blogs before now (Mon evening, April 11, 2005), the only official report I've seen has been at the Guardian Unlimited. Their obit also includes links to other stories about her so it's worth checking out. Their source was Ms. Dworkin's agent. As of 7pm Eastern, the obit was only about five hours old.

    I'm starting to get quietly furious at the press silence. It's understandable that, in the wake of someone's death, the notification of the press isn't a high priority. I hope now, with one official obit out, more will follow but I'm not holding my breath. My understanding is that Europeans have a continued interest in her written work so I expect more notice in the European press. My cynicism is currently on its high setting.

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