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  • Wednesday, March 30, 2005


    Feminism, Rad Geek, and Fathers for Lies

    Very interesting essay and email exchange here from Rad Geek. Fathers for Lies: selective quotation and distortion of Catharine MacKinnon's position is the title of it. I enjoyed it. I'm embarrassed to admit I have only a rudimentary knowledge of Catharine MacKinnon's work and writing, something I hope to correct.

    Relatedly, I'm also growing much more interested in reading more of Andrea Dworkin's work due to enthusiastic recommendations of a friend. I shamefully admit my opinion of Ms. Dworkin's work was much influenced by the exceptionally vituperative press she got during the eighties and nineties. As I remember it, the most vitriol was coming mainly from the feminist and gay press during the so called "porn wars." I hope to rectify my lack of familiarity with Ms. Dworkin's writing. I recently acquired a copy of Letters from a War Zone and hope to read it soon.

    Fascinating. I write about feminist authors and the two words that I use to describe my thoughts are shame and embarrassment that I haven't read their work more completely. I used to have a humorous private acronym for this attitude: ISIAM = I'm Sorry I'm A Man.

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