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  • Sunday, April 10, 2005


    Online Lit. Mag Forming

    Over on T. Rex's Guide to Life, there's a movement afoot to start an online literary magazine. This looks to be fun. I'm uncertain about committing to it but I encourage other writers to check it out. The following is from the post on T. Rex:

    Inspired by Bobby Cramer, Mustang Bobby's blog about his novel in progress, and by my own unpublished writings, I came up with an idea.

    Now, like most of you other bloggers, one of the reasons I blog is so that I have a regular writing gig. Like some of you, I'm sure, I got into writing by writing poetry fiction, not political stuff. And, like many of you, I have a resevoir of unpublished fiction and poetry that is just screaming at me for an audience.

    So, here's what I propose. A group of us should get together and create our own online magazine for the purpose of publishing our fiction, poetry, drama and other literary works. Theoretically, we would push it in the direction of becoming a legitimate publication that amateur writers would submit stuff to and the like, maybe we'd even appear in literary market and things like that. We could also include articles and essays on literature, reviews, and stuff about getting published or the art of writing. We would run the show and we could take advantage of something we're all familiar with, blogging software, in order to organize and run the site.

    If you are interested in this idea, I'm thinking we would have a very open-ended project with no particular commitment to regular publishing. If you have something, you publish it, if not, you don't. But if you did, you'd have an audience. I'd even want a comments section on my stories, although some authors might not. I think MT can handle such a thing, right?

    So, who's interested? I'll probably go ahead and do it whether I get much interest from others or not, but it'll be a much better project if others get involved. Even if you don't write fiction, poetry, etc., let me know whether or not you'd be willing to help promote the project through your blog, blogroll, etc. Leave a message in comments if you are interested, or send me an e-mail at

    Update: Also, if you have ideas for a name and/or a theme for the design, let me know ASAP so we can start the design process. I was going to suggest something about "Big Brass Writing" or something like that, but apparently that one has already been taken.

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