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  • Tuesday, October 28, 2008


    The Death of Long Form Blogging and My Mild Protest

    Wired has an Op-ed piece that basically says essay-type blogging is an outdated form. for common people. Really, you should be doing the Twitter and Flickr. Ain'tcha burning with Web 4.0 passion to haiku-ize your life in microbursts?

    My amusement is showing. And radio killed newspapers and TV killed radio and the internet killed all of them. (Well there's a little truth in the last one.)

    While haiku-like 160 character messages are fine for some purposes if your main communication tool is the cell phone, it's hardly a nuanced or complete source.

    I think this is a reaction to the information overload many people feel from all the myriad sources out there competing for their attention. Instead of learning to evaluate sources and carefully pick which to follow, we now have short notes of dubious value and probably subject to misinterpretation.

    This strikes me as a solution for people who don't like to read. Perhaps they feel intimidated by reading. All those different words all strung together in long sentences. It's a lot easier to write or read "im gr8 hw r u?"

    I'm still waiting for grunts of pleasure and displeasure to come into the public discourse as debating points.


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