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  • Wednesday, October 08, 2008


    Death-throes of My Reasoned Discourse

    I find myself feeling distinctly irrational tonight. The calm marshaling of argument, the ordering of points in support of a thesis, the use of supportive documentation and links... These are all tools beyond me at the moment.

    Bleak cynicism grips me. American democracy strikes me as casino gambling, the odds always inevitably weighed in favor of the House. Structured to resist drastic change, we still pretend that the outcome of elections will bring substantial change.

    It. Will. Not. Bring. Change.

    I genuinely believe an Obama/Biden administration will be better for the country than McCain/Palin. Co-existing with this belief is my fundamental certainty that Obama's hands will be tied in many different ways if/when he gets into office. Many rhetorical and political promises will come up empty in the ensuing years. "Change" will turn to the long wait, to delay, to the study of myriad options. Congress will balk, always with reasonable explanations as to why action is ill-advised.

    These are the days of dust and tears.

    These are the days of terrible lies.

    These are the days of political abuse coated with sugared words.

    I'm tired of pretending that rational public discussion and debate will change the actions of politicians. In the vast majority of cases, it does not.

    Constituent calls to Congresscritters on the US$700 billion economic bailout bill ran hundreds to one against passing it. (One Representative I heard actually said it was 1000:1 against it in his office.) Yet, despite this enormous public outcry, five days later it was passed.

    America runs on money and power and influence in lofty circles. The vast majority of us live in the land of the screwed, the scrimping and scrounging wage-slave beggars, at the mercy of the vast economic forces of Capitalism. Those in power need only put on the appearance of care and concern. Only exceptionally overreaching illegality is caught at that level.

    So tonight I'm just bitter at the whole degenerate mess of politics. Reason is lost to disgust and distrust.

    The impulse to foment revolution begins to seem attractive and desirable.

    Cosmetic change is not real change; it is the illusion of change that placates, calms, gentles the populace.

    Someday, the hypnotized will wake on fire and wonder when it began. I don't want to wait that long.

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