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  • Friday, July 13, 2007


    Random 10 Songs: The Cold Turkey Gang Edition

    Yet another in a series of embarrassing and semi-revealing posts listing some of the musical detritus contaminating my computer.
    1. Amateur by Nada Surf
    2. What We All Want by Gang of Four
    3. Junco Partner by the Clash
    4. Greenfuz by the Cramps
    5. Night Falls on London by the Waterboys
    6. Cold Turkey by Icicle Works
    7. Let It All Bleed Out by Rob Zombie
    8. Rock and Roller's Lament by PG&E
    9. New Dawn Fades by Joy Division
    10. You're Gonna Miss Me by 13th Floor Elevators
    Bonus track: If the Day Was Any Longer by Taste

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