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  • Friday, June 29, 2007


    Searches Leading to This Lost Blog

    A perusal of recent searches which resulted in people clicking through to posts on DemiOrator are always interesting and disturbing. I'm not going to provide links to the actual searches or my posts. The awful thing: by re-mentioning them, I'm essentially kicking myself up the search ranking for these subjects. C'est la vie.

    1. I get very regular hits from "men are assholes" or "why are men assholes" or variations on this theme. Sadly, despite my generally misanthropic demeanor, I would hardly call this a central theme of DemiOrator. Here's what they find if you're interested.

    2. Then there's a search for "Neurotic lassitude" which led to this entry. It's from this word: "psychasthenia, n.: neurotic lassitude, indecision; doubts, tics, and phobias." OK, I don't get a lot of searches for this in particular but I like the phrase.

    3. It continues to hugely amuse me that searches for "FAQing" find my blog, possibly/probably a phonetic misspelling of "fucking". Many seem to come from Saudi Arabia.

    Ciao, baby!


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