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  • Sunday, June 24, 2007


    Freecycle and Bookmooch

    Two resources I've found useful recently.

    Freecycle is an exchange site where people list things they want to get rid of. From their front page: "The Freecycle Network was started in May 2003 to promote waste reduction in Tucson's downtown and help save desert landscape from being taken over by landfills. The Network provides individuals and non-profits an electronic forum to "recycle" unwanted items."

    Bookmooch is a method of passing books along. "BookMooch lets you give away books you no longer need in exchange for books you really want."

    Over the years I've accumulated an outrageously large book collection. I've reached the point where I can no longer unpack the whole bunch at one time. Boxed books are wasted books. (Although I reserve the right to keep some of them in storage.)

    Check these folks out.

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