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  • Friday, June 08, 2007


    Random 10 Songs: "Conspiracy of Buzzcocks" Edition

    Another in a series of random songs. These posts remain more a brew of confabulated concepts than straightforward and linear argument. Various projects on the home front are interfering with my ability to present thoughtful spews on current events. Yet I'm gaining much material from stimulating conversations which I hope to post here soon.
    1. Can't Afford to Do It by Fleetwood Mac
    2. Evening Mass by Willard Grant Conspiracy
    3. You Tear Me Up by Buzzcocks
    4. Anyone Alive? by Chameleons
    5. Under the Sun/Every Day Comes and Goes by Black Sabbath
    6. Rock on the Moon by The Cramps
    7. I'm a Rocker by Bruce Springsteen
    8. Sweet Jane by Mott the Hoople
    9. The Return of Jackie and Judy by The Ramones
    10. High Priestess by Uriah Heep
    Bonus track: The Guns of Brixton by The Clash

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