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  • Friday, June 29, 2007


    Random 10 Songs: "New Age, Easy Money" Edition

    OK, I admit these random 10 songs posts are more filler than substantial in nature. After such a long semi-demi-hiatus of very sparse posting here, I'm rusty. When I do approach a serious subject, I note that I'm lacking in ability to fully explore it. I'm a little off in my writing style, not well focussed. Thus I find these throwaway posts helpful in realigning my mental state to current affairs. In other words, I'm feeling stupid and mentally dull.
    1. Thunderbird by John Hiatt
    2. The Leader by the Clash
    3. Reel Ten by Plugz (from Repo Man soundtrack)
    4. Planet of Sound by The Pixies
    5. Easy Money by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
    6. Waiting for the Big One by Peter Gabriel
    7. Hot Sun by Adrian Belew
    8. Ah Wuv Ooh by Larry Coryell
    9. You Don't Make It Easy Babe by Josh Ritter
    10. New Age by The Velvet Underground
    Bonus track: Dogyard by Lunachicks

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