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  • Thursday, April 06, 2006


    Revealed! The Windows to Tom DeLay's Soul!

    The Windows to Tom Delay's soulI like to think I have a playful nature. Others might call it a cruel, possibly clinically sadistic, streak. Whatever.

    My therapy consists of re-visioning some political figures. Like the proverbial sculptor, I chip away what doesn't seem to be... right. Now, why would I replace Sen. DeLay's eyes with red? It's not some hoodoo or bad juju. I'm not inclined that way.

    Well, I do it mostly because it's fun. While I might feel some compassion for DeLay-the-man, DeLay-the-symbol evokes quite a lot of hostility in me. I can't always work this out verbally despite my dedication to words. I just have to deface something. I'm left pushing and poking at these photos in Photoshop, trying to refine the limits of my anger.

    Thus I destroy to create. Happy Trails.

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