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  • Thursday, March 30, 2006


    Who's Worm Is Sneaking Around My Computer?

    It's the small things that amuse me.

    While looking around Vice-President Dick Cheney's White House web site, hoping to find some interesting photos to "doctor," I received a Norton AntiVirus warning. Hello, what's all this then? A worm trying to get into my computer? From the White House site? Oh, this is just too perfect! I got a few more warnings on subsequent pages and each of those "worms" seemed to try a different approach. One went for a port but I didn't note specifically what the others tried.

    I'm wondering what they would have done? Might I have been tracked down as a "tearist" seeking secret information from the public website? I know the WH website is a target for vandalism but to use a worm on a casual viewer of the site? That's a bit of overkill in my book. I swear I wasn't doing anything bad, just looking. Jeez, maybe they can read my mind! They saw my intent to deface the VP's pictures on my computer. They can sense intent to humiliate and use satire!? This is the stuff of paranoia, "fear and loathing" as Hunter Thompson was wont to say.

    Innocent until destroyed by worms. My own damn fault for even looking at the WH website. Of course they want to get into my computer. The irony never ends.

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