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  • Thursday, March 23, 2006


    Perversion and Empire

    Some days I fear for my sanity.

    I've been mulling over the ideas of economic capital and infrastructure and what happens when too much money and stored energy is siphoned off by capitalists and government. The deliberate bleeding of the saved economic energy of the country for profit. But I was having trouble quantifying these thoughts so I began doing my usual art therapy on an image of Our Beloved Leader™™. Unfortunately I picked the flight suit image with it's amazing codpiece prominence so I found myself staring at OBL's crotch for an extended period. While not stricken blind by this meditation, I did make it larger. Despite my impulse to make it really noticable, I refrained. (In one version, I applied a reddish-pink tone to the area enlarged, giving it the appearance of a huge, misshapen, mutant penis. Amusing, but not really for public consumption. I have some sense of discretion and taste. Not much but some.)

    This is perversion, pure and simple. Thus the title of my post. May your dreams not be haunted by this dark imagery.

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