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  • Monday, March 06, 2006


    The Joy and Sadness of the Koufax Awards: Big Ego Edition

    The Koufax Awards nominations are eagerly awaited in the "lefty" Bloggerland. The strokes and perks for being nominated are great and it's an honor just to be nominated, much less win. So, despite the fact that I had given absolutely no thought to the matter before the fact, I was gloomed to not see this little blog of mine mentioned. Sad, even.

    However, the joy of seeing so many interesting and new (to me) blogs listed in one place is a mighty antidote to these sour grapes (which I didn't even know I had bought so left them rotting in my daypack until the smell notified me something was wrong, very wrong, and hunger rearing its dark head left me to wonder if I would survive this mistake, this tragic circumstance I had courted unwittingly through careless and ill-considered preparations, resulting in a dire emergency and a desperate need to restructure and recode the whole damn blog... but I digress.)

    Here are a few blogs (these few, these happy few...) from the nominations I would recommended to my dear readers. Go see them. And if you are so inclined, go mention my blog over at the Koufax nominations. It's too late for nominations but it would cheer me up a little if I was just mentioned in the comments or somewhere. I am a pathetic wretch with ego problems.

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