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  • Monday, February 27, 2006


    Abu Ghraib Photos and "Embarrassment" for the U.S.

    The argument that releasing additional Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse photos would embarrass the U.S. and stir up anti-American sentiments in the Middle East has some validity. No, really! Don't laugh! Oh, go ahead, get it out of your system.

    While the argument has validity, there's a question I have to ask: Is the embarrassment justified? I'd answer a big yes. The U.S. government should be embarrassed to have been overseeing (and authorizing) the mistreatment, torture, and murder of prisoners in its care. I used the past tense in the last sentence but, of course, this continues today because of a lack of accountability. And the U.S. government is very adept at denying responsibility, no matter how clear the chain of evidence and command is from the event to the highest military and political levels.

    The anti-American sentiment is indeed fanned but I also have to ask: Is the anti-American feeling justified? Big yes there as well. If the situation were reversed and Americans were routinely being tortured and killed by Iraqi officials, would we be adverse or hesitant to being "anti-Iraqi"?

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