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  • Saturday, March 11, 2006


    Arrogant and Contemptuous, Sneering and Vicious

    Welcome to today's description the US government under the Bush administration. This is the administration that wants to control the terms, the rules of engagement, at all times. When the Bush administration doesn't like something, no problem. Just redefine the parameters in your favor.

    A low approval rating? Then the population don't understand the great wisdom your foreign policy.

    Forcing feeding tubes up the noses of "detainees" at Guantanamo is part of the "culture of life." And if you just happen to be able to torture and humiliate the prisoners at the same time, that's a bonus! It can't be torture if you're saving their lives, right?

    I think I'm weary and battered by the evil that men do. Well, perhaps just certain men.

    I noticed an odd thing while looking on Google for images of the Prez to deface in my pursuit of art therapy and the momentary joy it brings. Page after page of "official" and American press photos went by. I began to notice a sameness to them. Not just the same photos but the same narrow range of expressions on the face of Bush. After 20 pages of these, I started to come across foreign press photos, mostly Spanish language news services. Lo! Then there were pics with a much wider variation of expression on the Prez's face. The impression I got was that the American editors were definitely choosing for a certain "look". This is the power of being able to control what images are being made public. Oh, I'm sure it's not a conspiracy, but it is what happens when "respectable" news organizations control content: you won't see the man make an ugly face or a funny face. We are given only bland, non-controversial images and pictures because the news organizations don't want to lose access.

    Welcome to the image Newspeak, where nothing can be disturbing or candid. What bodies in Iraq? I don't see any bodies. I'm not sure anyone is really dying there. (That's, that's a joke, son! Pay attention!)

    Let me just leave you with the same words I opened with, the words I'm using to describe the Bush administration: Arrogant and contemptuous, sneering and vicious. They say so much.

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